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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  June 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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he is safe, recovering this morning after he was shot in the back in a nightclub in his native dominican republic. >> we have this new surveillance video in from our affiliate, allegedly showing the moments that shots were fired. boston and the entire major league baseball community breathing a sigh of relief as police confirm and his family also confirm the baseball icon is stable after surgery. alexandra field is with us. she's been on this story since it broke. suspect is in custody. do we know at this point whether ortiz was the target? >> we know he's a living legend. it's not clear why anyone with target david ortiz. the video is stunning. police are saying the motorcyclist went up to him, a shot was fired. you see big papi, this man who has been such a giant in the world of baseball, a giant in
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the city of boston going to the ground there. people overnight in boston and really across the country and beyond that holding their breath for better news. we know that the bullet went through his back, into his stoma stomach. he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. his father updating reporters overnight. here is what he said. >> translator: the operation is over and he is stable. we're waiting for the doctors to take him out of the surgery room. he's resting right now. there are no other damages that we know of. he's stable. >> several people suspected to be connected to the shooting have been taken into custody. one of them was actually taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries suffered after he was attacked by the group of bystanders that witnessed that really terrifying moment, poppy. >> completely terrifying moment. we don't know anything else at this point about the suspect, do we? >> we don't. we don't know what could have motivated this. we know police are waiting to speak to david ortiz.
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that will depend on when he's able to do those interviews. this is a person whose impact you cannot understate. this is someone so important not just for his record in baseball, not just for his triumphs in baseball, but someone who helped to bring the city of boston together after the difficult days of the boston marathon bombing. the sports teams in the city of boston have an uncanny way to bring people together. there was so many people tweeting out statements showing their support for big papi. >> he said after the bombing, our jerseys say boston. and we stand for the city. alex, thank you for the reporting. we appreciate it. jim. with us to talk more about this, cnn sports columnist for "usa today," christine brennan. always good to have you on. such a sad topic. big papi is such a beloved figure in baseball, sports, in boston.
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tell us about the reaction in the sports community today. >> it's been intense from the moment the news hit last night and the concern over would he be okay. obviously david ortiz is synonymous with the boston red sox, with the resurgence of the red sox. there was a time when kids grew up and never saw a boston team win a title at all. but three world series titles, ten all-star appearances, mvp in 2013, the same year as the boston marathon, his infamous speech when he got out there and talked about the city and what it meant to him. he is much more than just an athlete. he is really part of the culture in boston and throughout major league baseball. i think that's why there's such great concern, even though he's retired, retired in 2016. he's 43 years old now. such a presence throughout the baseball community and throughout boston and new
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england. >> so well known, in 2004 helping the sox end the so-called curse of the bambino. he's so much bigger than his skill was for that team specifically, back in the day he did call for the minnesota twins. i would note that. long time ago. let me ask you about just how unprecedented this is. if he was, indeed, christine the target. it's one thing for professional athletes to be heckled. if he was the indiatended targe for this, it's unprecedented. >> it is. more and more players are coming from the dominican or venezuela, other nations that are known, certainly have their share sadly of poverty. when they go home, many of them are very aware of this and some even have extra security or are very way wear of theaware of th security. it's an issue for athletes. a few years ago in 2011, a
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washington national player wilson ramos was kidnapped for two days in venezuela. thankfully released. that was an example of a story where a star went back home and then had a crime committed against him. this is something i think we'll be hearing about the next few days, this particular issue of athletes and their safety when they go home and where they can be targets and when people know who they are. >> christine, is there any evidence at this point as to why he was targeted and so brazenly, right, in the middle of a crowd? >> we don't know if, in fact, he was targeted. but it certainly, because of the wilson ramos story in 2011 and because athletes -- this has happened in the nfl as well. you hear about athletes who have their friends and hangers-on around them. that's a natural thing. as you mentioned, it can be just fans who want to be around
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someone and it can be people with more nefarious situations and maybe more ideas to do worse things. we don't yet know about this. my sense is we'll find out. my sense is also today is that there are athletes around the world who are very aware of their security an even looking at it, going back to monica sell liss and the stabbing in the tennis match in the 1990s. nancy kerrigan in figure skating. these things do happen every now and then. they're a wake-up call for the entire athletic community to be more aware of their security. >> he should be able to go out on a sunday and enjoy himself at a restaurant with friends. it's horrible. we're glad to hear he's in stable condition. christine, thanks for being here. a tragic story out of dallas. investigators on the scene this morning where at least one person has died after a construction crane collapsed on an entire apartment building. watch this. >> oh, my god, the crane is falling over. oh, my god.
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oh, my god. >> just incredible to see that as it happened. the crane went through several floors of the apartment building before slicing through a parking garage as well. six people were injured in the collapse. dozens of cars left buried under the rubble. cnn's rosa florez joins us now. there were strong winds just before the collapse. is there any sign or official word as to what caused it to come down? >> reporter: jim, no word yet from officials. as you might imagine, it's very early in the investigation right now. we're not hearing from officials, but we are hearing from witnesses about those intense and terrifying moments leading up to that collapse which happened at about 2:18 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say yesterday was such a beautiful day in dallas. all of a sudden in seconds, in moments the skies turned dark
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and calm turned to chaos. take a listen. >> it was very clear quickly that something was not right. the wind picked up and all of a sudden we had at least three giant patio umbrellas shoot straight up into the air. not long after that, i said, if that crane falls, it's probably going to fall on our building. right after that we saw the crane fall on the building and it did just cut through the building. >> i want to set the scene for you because it's important to understand what happened here. here to my right you see the construction building. this is where the crane was installed, in the construction building. as we pan over, you'll see that the crane fell over the apartment buildings which are further here to the right. you can see the mangled metal slicing through the building. of course, we keep on hearing
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from witnesses talking about those terrifying moments, jim and poppy, when they learned that, first of all, that the crane had collapsed and secondly, that some of the people inside were injured and now, of course, we know at least one person has died. jim and poppy. >> rosa, good have you on the scene there. thanks very much. >> horrible. so a witness to this crane collapse is with us. bianca harper kelly. this is unbelievably, specifically what you saw because you were, as i understand it, pulling into the building to drop off your 5-month-old baby with a friend who was going to baby-sit and then this happened. is that right? >> yes. we actually -- we missed the turn. we were coming in -- i hadn't been to the apartments before and i was supposed to turn left onto live oak to get into the garage. missing that turn saved our
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lives because i had to circle the block. the apartment building was in front of me to the left and the construction building was in front of us to the right. we were at the stop sign. i'm like, okay, we've got to get inside. the wind started picking up faster and faster. i learned how intense it was getting with debris from the construction building blowing around, onto the car. we were on the phone with our friend in the elevator. she said just pull into the garage, pull into the garage. right as she said that, we looked up. i don't know what made us look up and the crane spun and i was like, oh, my god, the crane is spinning. it started to sway. as it was swaying, my wife said, oh, my god, it's falling and it's coming down. it looked like it was going to fall right in between the buildings on top of our car. so i backed up and a gust of wind came through and it knocked
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it just so that it went on top of the building, through the garage. as soon as it happened, my wife yelled crane. we lost service with our friend. we couldn't get ahold of her. it went straight to voice mail. i said call 911, 911. goit her and the baby out of the way. that's when i ran to the open space you can see in one of the pictures. that's when i started hearing certain people scream for help. i found one that was severely covered in blood. i was telling her please don't move, please don't move. don't jump -- she was asking if she should jump. i said please don't jump. is there anything around you you can grab to apply pressure. that's when i heard one more voice yell for help. her and this other gentlemen were standing at the balcony, the only platform that was left. he said he was looking for his fiancee, she was on the couch. he pointed where the couch was, it was open space. i'm helping him scream her name.
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it was a moment i will never forget. i'm glad i was there to help comfort these people. there's no -- >> bianca, listen, we're happy you're safe. we're happy your baby is safe. >> yes. >> thanks so much for walking through it. as you look at this, you imagine it could have been much worse. thanks so much. >> thank you. this morning president trump taking to tv and twitter to defend his deal with mexico on immigration. this as criticism surrounding it intensifies. he called into cnbc moments ago. here is what he had to say. >> "the new york times" made the story like i already made the deal. it's nonsense. we talked about it for months and months and months. they wouldn't get there. we said, look, if you don't get there, we're going to have to charge you hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. we would have been just fine.
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>> okay. joe johns is with us as well from the white house. joe. >> reporter: well, okay. first a little context on that call-in. it sounds like pretty much of a surprise for the folks at cnbc, the president called in. he's been selling both on twitter as well as on television in this interview his deal he struck with mexico to avoid the tariffs that the president himself threatened to put in place today. the big question and perhaps the news out of that entire interview with regard to mexico is that there's been some question as to whether the president essentially was touting deals that had already been made, concessions that had already been made by mexico and all this was, as "the new york times" suggested in a piece over the weekend, smoke and mirrors on the part of the administration in order to safe face. the president's argument that he
6:14 am
articulated in that interview was that this deal was something that the government had been trying to work on for 20 years, that he was able to get it through by the threat of tariffs, that he himself personally spoke to the president of mexico to talk this thing through and the result was what happened on friday evening. that is the president's argument on saying that, in fact, mexico made a deal that they really had no conceded to yet. back to you. >> joe, the president also stuck with the line that tariffs are not paid by american companies and consumers, claiming that some economists back him on that, which they don't. his own adviser, kevin hassett and others, larry kudlow, admitted the fact. but the president persisting. joe johns, great to have you at the white house. still to come, much more on this deal coming up.
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we'll speak with the mayor of el paso along the border. what does this deal mean for his city on the border with mexico. plus a new cnn poll out this morning gives fresh insight to democratic candidates in the all-important early voting state of iowa after a weekend blitz through that state. who came out on top? some stunning pictures out of hong kong. look at those protests. the organizers say there were more than a million protesters on the streets of hong kong, protesting a new expedition bill. really the chinese government's crackdown. the question is, this time will it make a difference? we're live there.
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others, given five minutes each to make their case to iowa democratic leaders and caucus organizers. this morning, all of them know exactly what iowa dems are looking for, thanks to a brand new poll from cnn and "the des moines register." check out these numbers, poppy. really interesting. >> they are surprising and fascinating. if you look at them, topping the list in terms of what's important to folks in iowa is the right to an abortion, abortion rights, climate change by far the most important issues with an assault weapons ban. the only other issue drawing clear majority support and still only five of 23 democratic candidates are polling above 2% in iowa. our friend jeff zeleny following the race live from des moines. they had five minutes each to make their pitch to critical voters. joe biden was not at the speech-a-thon yesterday, but he certainly wasn't forgotten, was he? >> reporter: good morning, poppy and jim.
6:21 am
he was not forgotten. joe biden was literally the elephant in the room, if you will. people were -- the voters were talking about him, wondering if he's really a strong front-runner. but the other candidates from bernie sanders on down were giving veiled, ever-escalating distinctions that they are drawing with him. joe biden, of course, he was attending his granddaughter's high school graduation in washington. there was a lot of conversation about why he wasn't here. i was thinking back actually to the same event 12 years ago. barack obama was not at that eye vent either. i'm not sure if it matters if joe biden actually attended or not. he'll be coming to iowa tomorrow. this is what he's facing here with several of his rivals taking aim. let's watch. >> there are some well-intentioned democrats and candidates who believe that the best way forward is a middle ground strategy that antagonizes
6:22 am
no one, that stands up to nobody and that changes nothing. >> i don't think there is room in our party for a democratic candidate who does not support women's full reproductive freedoms. >> our party does not need a savior. we need each other. >> reporter: so it did have sort of a speed dating feel to it. each candidate did only get five minutes to speak. they kept it to the mark. the music literally would come up the minute the five-minute mark would hit. sort of like the oscars, if you will. candidates trying to gain attention, trying to introduce themselves. several of them are still in iowa today. take a look at a map of where some of those candidates are campaigning. montana governor steve bullock is out in jefferson, storm lake, sioux city. beto o'rourke, kamala harris, john hickenlooper. joe biden will be joined by
6:23 am
another candidate in the 2020 campaign, donald trump, a republican running for re-election as well. all eyes particularly on this race for the next couple days, eight months before the iowa caucuses. >> i love iowa for many reasons. among them, zeleny, is how engaged the electorate is there. they really, really listen. they are completely engaged in asking the most important questions. before you go, deadline for debates. wednesday, who is in, who is snout. >> reporter: deadlines for the first debates is on wednesday. we know montana governor steve bullock is one of the candidates who will not make the cut. he acknowledged that to us yesterday. he said, look, he believes it's unfair. he's a democrat elected in a red state of montana, but he will not be the only one. seth moulton, the massachusetts congressman will also not make the cut as well as wayne mussen, a mayor from a small town in florida who is running for president who doesn't really campaign.
6:24 am
those three are among those who will not make the cut. certain lip candidates using the debates at the end of the month to break out of this very, very crowded field. jim and poppy. >> jeff zeleny, great to have you. joining us is john avlon and aisha roscoe, white house reporter for npr. john, you look at these polls and one consistent feature is a two-tier structure of the democratic field. you have a big distinction between the folks, if half dozen at the top, bidens, sanders, buttigieg well in that group, and this large contingent of what you might want to call one percenters. can and how do they break out of that? i imagine when the debates start later this month, that's really their best and maybe only opportunity. >> that will be the opportunity where they try to swing for the fences. i think your suggested nickname
6:25 am
for them would not play well in the democratic primary. >> i get it. i'm still going with it. >> you're definitely seeing a top tier of candidacies. when you have a guy like steve bullock, montana governor, west even governor, won in a red state that trump won handily. he got in late, but that's the game changing rationale folks could gravitate to. i think what's interesting about the poll, if you take a look at the policies, policies associated with the far left of the party, insurgent far left, democratic socialists from green new deal on are only supporting about a third of iowa caucus-goers. that speaks to the divide among the democratic party to twitter convention and the folks on the ground. >> aisha, the biden numbers, the slip he's seen, but the fact that his team didn't send according to our report
6:26 am
surrogates there. he was at his granddaughter's graduation, good for him. there were no surrogates. maybe because he's going this week. that as he's faced with numbers, 15, 16% for sanders, warren and buttigieg. i think the question becomes can one of them consolidate that support to really rival biden head on? >> that seems to be what they -- i'm sure that's what they would like to do, try to see if they can kind of pool some of that support that had been going to biden and kind of set themselves apart. the question is what are these voters looking for. biden has been running on this idea that he is electable and basically the only one that can beat president trump. so the question that answers is going to have to answer is he going to be looked at as too far to the left, too easily caricatured by president trump. these are the things they'll try
6:27 am
to come together on and try to see if they can pick a little bit at biden and see if he has weaknesses there, where they can try to elevate themselves. >> john, so much of this -- you know better than me -- expectations game. at this point the biden expectations are so high because he's been such a big front runner for so long. a guy like buttigieg pops in there at 15% in the poll, that's a great number for him. again, based on the expectations. >> look, politics is perception. we see that over and over again. a lot has been made of biden ticking down. he's still multiples ahead of most of the field. that does mean folks will be focusing a lot of shots on him. the problem is he's a fairly be loved halo in the party and gets the halo effect from being obama's vp. buttigieg, when you consider he's in the top tier as the mayor of south bend, indiana, someone not really 40 years old,
6:28 am
it speaks to how he's been able to connect and capture some folks' imagination with his demeanor, communication skills, his message that doesn't play too heavily to the identity politics but plays up a record of service. that's something that's worked. other folks would love to capture that in a bottle and have some of that themselves. >> i have to tell you, avalon, buttigieg is my age and he makes me feel like a slacker every single day. >> how does it make me feel, poppy? i should have worked harder. >> you just wrote this book, you u ear on a book tour. anyway -- >> you flatter me. >> aisha, bernie sanders saying we cannot take the middle ground, it's a failed political strategy. you look at the top ranking issues, it's abortion rights, climate change and guns. is he right?
6:29 am
is sanders right? >> i think that's the question. when you have biden at the top, then it does look like, at least for right now and it is very early, that there was a stop, that they do want a middle ground. i don't know if you go to joe biden thinking that you want some -- that you want the biggest and boldest ideas, but right now when you see biden having to roll back his thoughts on the hide amendment, his support for that and he had to make some changes, there is a thought right now that maybe you do want to go bolder. when you're going up against president trump and he's going to suck all the oxygen out of the room and everyone going to be talking about him, how do you make yourself stand out? do people want that middle-of-the-road candidate. >> that policy play does say the democratic party in iowa is not as far left as somebody might think. biden did put out an ambitious
6:30 am
climate change plan. it doesn't mean folks are taking out a far left position on abortion. biden is playing a dangerous game with the hyde amendment because he ends up pleasing nobody while attempting to protect his left flank. fascinating politics in this. but i don't think there's a lot of evidence to reflect that someone from the far left is the strongest suit to represent iowa voters. >> the question on abortion wasn't ability the hyde amendment. it's about the big issue of roe v. wade. the opening bell ringing right now on wall street. stocks looking to start the week on a positive note. you have the dow up 133 points. obviously the market happy we have some resolution for now on the tariff threat to mexico. on going talks between the u.s. and china top of mind for investors ahead of the g20. we'll be right back. [leaf blower]
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6:36 am
on immigration. moments ago telling cnbc that his tariff threat sped up the deal. did it really? "the new york times" is reporting parts of the mexico deal were hammered out months ago. the president adamantly denies that reporting, now hinting on twitter that another, quote, very important part of the deal will be revealed in the not-too-disabout the future. >> our next guest, the mayor of el paso, texas, mayor dee margo. when you look with how important trade with mexico is, your city alone, $108 billion of imports and exports going over those six bridges from mexico to the u.s. is relieved an understatement for how you're feeling this morning, sir? >> to a great extent, yes. we have. it's been stated every four jobs in mexico is one --
6:37 am
>> what exactly would have 5% tariff going up to possibly 25% by october on all goods imported from mexico, what exactly would that have meant for your city? >> poppy, i don't know the exact economic downside to it. but it certainly would have been very, very arduous for us. as i said, we've got 94 fortune 500 companies in juarez, mexico, manufacturing. we have over 50,000 el pasoans that work that way. it would have been very devastating. >> what do you make of the deal that the president did strike with mexico. more mexican troops on the guatemalan border, more u.s.-bound asylum seekers to stay in mexico. what the u.s. did not get in this agreement is mexico agreeing to be the asylum spot for those seeking asylum in this
6:38 am
country. but they did get other concessions. is it a good deal? >> poppy, we've had over 100,000 migrants come through here since january of this year. we're number two after mccallan, texas. all this issue related to tariffs and i've said on numerous occasions, i was a ceo for 35 years. i hate surprises. they're rarely positive. you need to plan accordingly. but this whole tariff issue related to migration would never have occurred if congress had gotten their act together over the last 30 years and developed a little intestinal fortitude to do what is right on reforming immigration to begin with. my concern is that it looks like this worked in the president's eyes. i'm just fearful this may come up again until they deal with immigration reform once and for all, border security, immigration reform, all of the above in washington. >> the president tweeted as much
6:39 am
this morning, basically saying there's still a risk that tariffs could be, in his words, reinstated if this deal doesn't pan out to be what they've agreed to here. look, dhs reported last week that a group of a thousand migrants were apprehended trying to cross over into el paso. that was the biggest group total that was apprehended at once coming over the border. did the president have any choice here? i know you don't like the tariffs being used to get them to the table, but are you glad he used the threat? >> well, what i would rather see is congress get their act together on both sides of the aisle, in both houses and do something about immigration reform to begin with. it's not just migrants from central america because of that william river force anti trafficking victims restoration act of 2008 or whatever the full phraseology of it. it's a combination to the dacas, those that are already over here
6:40 am
that have been here, 10 to 12 million people. the braserro program that went away. it's a combination of all of the above. >> could numbers like these that i just stated, that group of 1,000 or 144,000 encountered at the border in may alone, a 13-year high. can that issue be reduced by containment alone? >> i think -- there's an industry that's been created in mexico with the coyotes bringing those migrants from central america. they're charging $6,000 to $8,000 per family. it's almost likes extortion. they've got to stop it at their end as much as we've got to deal with it at our end. mexico is texas's largest trading partner and it is the united states' largest trading partner. it would have a devastating effect -- tariffs would have a devastating effect on el paso. >> i know you're relieved
6:41 am
certainly this morning. we appreciate you being here, el paso mayor dee margo, thanks. >> thank you. >> great interview at an important time. other news this morning, mueller report front and center on capitol hill. house democrats hoping a figure from the watergate era will give them a clearer picture on presidential obstruction. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ i felt i couldn't be at my best wifor my family. c, in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured and left those doubts behind. i faced reminders of my hep c every day. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured. even hanging with friends i worried about my hep c. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure
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2. unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. 3. no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees included. still think you have a better deal? bring in your discount, and we'll match it. that's right. t-mobile will match your discount. democrats on the house judiciary committee getting ready to dig into the mueller report today with the help of a well-known figure from watergate. >> former white house counsel during and current cnn contributor john dean will testify. president trump went after limb
6:46 am
on twitter. cnn congressional correspondent phil mattingly is on capitol hill. this will be something of a reprise of one of the most memorable moments from the watergate hearings when dean, then a white house counsel, testified against the president. what are democrats expecting to accomplish with this? >> i think it's a dual-pronged approach. the idea of trying to elevate for the public the mueller report which a lot of democrats you talk to feel has receded into the background in the wake of its presentation or release, in part because the white house has refused to supply with any subpoena requests for testimony or documents. there's a house intelligence committee later in the week and also a house floor vote on tuesday to hold in contempt the attorney general, former white house counsel don mcgahn. what you're seeing is a dual-pronged approach from democratic leadership. one, trying to elevate it for the public and two, trying to calm or assuage the concerns basically saying, look, we're doing things, this is what we said we're going to do, holding
6:47 am
them in contempt should help us in court. that's part of speaker pelosi's strategy. 59 democrats who want to launch impeachment inquiry proceedings which the speaker has so far side no to. what they'll try to do this week is address some of those concerns. will it work? we'll have to wait and see. >> we also know important meeting tomorrow with the white house team, the president's negotiating team. this one with senate republicans. what are they talking about? >> reporter: one of the big things as we focus on mueller or whatever the crisis, self-imposed or otherwise of the day, lurking behind the scenes is a potential crisis. there's a fiscal cliff at the end of september, a debt ceiling that needs to be raised in the fall. top senate republicans and acting chief of staff nick mulvaney, steve mnuchin running point, trying to figure out if there's a pathway to a bipartisan compromise. the clock is running. they need to figure a way to
6:48 am
forced 120 billion in automatic cuts plus raise the debt ceiling, these meetings are extremely important to see, based on the dysfunction we've seen on just about everything this year, whether or not there's a real pathway to prevent what would be a very real fiscal crisis guys. >> it's interesting to hear republicans at this point talking about controlling the debt and the deficit. mulvaney, a total deficit hawk in congress, and when you've got it going through the roof under this president. we'll see -- we will see what actually happens. but again, that is a real crisis that they are facing. thanks, phil. up next, the supreme court deciding not to take up a key case. this one about the second amendment and guns. we're live in washington next. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world,
6:49 am
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we're getting significant news out of the supreme court this morning. specifically on gun rights and silencer laws. >> that's right. silencer was used in that horrible virginia beach shooting. very much in the news. let's go to jessica schneider in washington. supreme court allows the law to stand. is that right? >> specifically, jim and poppy, the supreme court is deciding not to take up two challenges to this national firearms act. this is legislation that actually regulates the registration of some firearms that include silencers. the supreme court saying we're not going to be taking up these two challengers from people who had been prosecuted under the national firearms act, one in particular for not registering his gun that contained a silencer. of course, as you said, silencers have come back up in the news after that virginia beach shooting.
6:54 am
the shooter in that case killed 12 people and the handgun he had contained a silencer. some of the accounts from the people inside the municipal building where the shooting happened talked about the fact you could barely hear anything. they said it sounded sort of like a nail gun and talked about the fact if they had actually heard these gunshots, if the silencer hadn't been on this handgun, maybe they would have been able to react differently. the supreme court in this case deciding not to take up this issue just yets. these were two challengers challenging the constitutionality of the firearms act which does regulate how these handguns with these silencers are registers. if you don't properly register them, you can be prosecuted for this act, but the supreme court not wading into this debate just yet. >> it's important and there's much more coming out. thank you very much. >> thanks. we'll keep watching the court today. other news, former boston red sox slugger david big papi ortiz
6:55 am
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7:00 am
claiming victory and touting his role as negotiator in chief. this as a trade deal with mexico over immigration faces real skepticism. >> yeah, the president now declaring the art of this deal was his tariff threat. listen. >> this is something the u.s. has been trying to get for over 20 years with mexico. they have never been able to do it. as soon as i put tariffs on the table, it was done. it took two days. >> but did tariffs really speed up this deal? make it happen? "the new york times" reporting is that a lot of this deal was hammered out months ago. >> abby phillip is at the white house with more. what do we know? what elements of this deal were already on the table in effect and what elements were brought about by these last-minute negotiations? >> well, jim and poppy, it seems this contention that the deal was mostly hammered out before the president's tariff threat has really gotten under his


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